The Town Council meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month (with the exception of August) and members of the public are welcome attend.

Agendas and Minutes of the Wigton Burial Joint Committee are published on the dedicated Wigton Cemetery Page (Parks and Open Spaces) of this website.

The latest Agendas are published below:

Full Council:

Agenda 8th June 2022

Agenda Item 9 – Audit Report March 2022

Agenda Item 10 AGAR 2021-22

Agenda Item 10 Y.E. Accounts

Agenda Item 13 – Consultation to Wigton Town Council

Agenda Item 13 – Site Plan Plot Numbers

Agenda Item 13 – Site Plan

FC Agenda 11th May 2022

Meeting AGM Agenda 11th May 2022

FC Agenda 13th April 2022

FC Agenda 9th March 2022

FC Agenda 9th February 2022

FC Agenda 12th January 2022

FC Agenda 9th December 2021

FC Agenda 10th November 2021

FC Agenda 13th October 2021

FC Agenda 8th September 2021

FC Agenda 14th July 2021

FC Agenda 23rd June 2021

FC Agenda 5th May 2021

AGM Agenda 5th May 2021

FC Agenda 14th April 2021

FC Agenda 10th March 2021

Agenda Reports Pack 8th February 2021

FC Agenda 10th February 2021

FC Agenda 13th January 2021



Festivals Agenda 17 May 2022

Festivals Agenda 7 March 2022

Festivals Agenda 22nd November 2021

Festivals Agenda 20th July 2021


Barton Laws Steering Group Agenda October 2021

Barton Laws Steering Group Agenda 2nd March 2022


Finance Agenda 8th June 2021

Finance Agenda 22nd February 2021


Footpaths and Parks Agenda May 2021

Footpaths and Parks Agenda 22nd February 2021


Policy, Devt & Staffing Agenda 20th June 2022

Policy and Devt  Agenda 14th June 2021

Policy and Devt Agenda 15th April 2021


Cumbrian Northern Fells Putting Area Report



FC Minutes 11th May 2022 PUBLIC

FC Minutes 13th April 2022 PUBLIC

Full Council Minute Book 2022-23 PUBLIC


Previous Years:

Minute-Book-Public 2019-20

Minute Book 2020-21 

Minute Book Public 2021-22



Finance Minutes 8th June 2022 DRAFT

Finance Minutes 6th January 2022


Previous Years:

Finance Minute Book 2021-22

Finance Minute Book 2020-21

Finance minute Book 2017-18

Finance Minute Book 2018-19

Finance minutes Book 2019-20



Parks, open spaces & Allotments 27th Jan 2022 DRAFT


Parks, open spaces & allotments Minute Book 2021-22


Previous Years:

Footpaths & Parks Minute Book 2020-21

Footpaths & Parks Minute Book 2019-20

 Footpaths & Parks Minute book 2018-2019

Footpaths & Parks Minute Book 2017-18   


Barton Laws User Group 27th October 2021 DRAFT


PLANNING COMMITTEE MINUTES – Please note from 2019/20 planning matters will be determined at full council for Major Applications.

Planning Minute Book 2017-2018

Planning Minute Book 2018-2019

From May 2019, Planning is dealt with by full council, so please refer to full council minutes



Festivals 17th May 2022

Festivals 7 March 2022

Festivals 22 February 2022

Festivals 24 January 2022


Previous Years:

Festivals Minutes Book 2017-18

Festivals Minute Book 2018-19

Festivals Minute Book 2019-20

Festivals Minute Book 2021-22


Wigton Burial Joint Committee

The A genda and Minutes for the Wigton Burial Joint Committee are posted on the Wigton Cemetery page of this site under Parks and Open Spaces.




Policy and Devt 23rd August 2021

Policy and Devt 14th June 2021

Policy and Devt 28th September 2020

Policy and Devt 21st October 2019