Open & Accountable Local Government

The Council endeavours to make all its documentation available to the public where possible. Please contact the Clerk to Wigton Town Council if you have any queries or require any information.

The Town Council’s Standing Orders govern the way its meetings are run.

Annual Audit Return

You can read the council’s annual Accounting Statement and Governance Statements along with the statutory notice by the following links:

Conclusion of Audit 2017-2018

Annual Governance and Audit Return 2018-19

Public rights dates


We are committed to being open and transparent, providing non-sensitive data to the public in an accessible and reusable format.  This information includes data that we are required to disclose under the Local Government Transparency Code, which we will update on a monthly basis

Council Data 


Pay multiplier : Wigton Town Council Pay Multiple

Trade union facility time and spending :N/A

Property & Assets

Current Asset Register 2019-20

Financial /Procurement


Information Commissioner’s Office Certificate