Council Minutes

Meeting Minutes:

The Town Council meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month and members of the public are welcome attend.

You can download the full council minutes by clicking on the links below

FC Minute Book 2014-15

Full Council Public Minutes 2016-2017

Full Council Minute Book 2017-2018(Public)

8th November 2017 FC minutes PUBLIC DRAFT

Finance minute Book 2017 – 18

Finance minutes 4th December 2017 DRAFT

Footpaths & Parks Minute Book 2017-18

Planning Minute Book 2017-2018

Planning 23rd November 2017 Draft


The Agenda and Minutes for the Wigton Burial Joint Committee are posted on the Wigton Cemetery page of this site under Parks and Open Spaces.


The Agenda and Minutes for the Festivals Committee are posted on the Festivals Page of this site